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Earn Big Income of N546,000 & Free Unlimited Airtime, Data & N500,000 Loan Monthly as 9Mobile Partner – Villy – The Solution Inventors Platform

Earn Big Income of N546,000 & Free Unlimited Airtime, Data & N500,000 Loan Monthly as 9Mobile Partner

Join VIGIPIN Platform with N3,500 and Earn N546,000 Cash, Free Unlimited Data + Airtime & N500,000 Loan from 9Mobile Monthly. 
Earn Big with or Without Referring

VP e-business™ is our customer’s online service platform focused on 9mobile More Business products. It presents our customers with cheap telecom service experience and Amazing Business opportunity that generates millions of naira for them within a short time without selling any recharge card. 

To enjoy this exceptional service, we move (Port) your other network phone number to 9mobile network and still maintain your former original phone number, Or activate a new 9mobile SIM card with More business bundle subscription plan of your choice, this enables you to enjoy the following benefits:

Benefits of the More business bundle subscription plan

1. You enjoy cheap Data plan and cheap calls at the rate of N6.60k per minute to all networks. 

2. You enjoy instant short term loan, up to N500,000 without collateral. You only dial a code and enter your bank account number to be credited. Once qualified, the requested amount is instantly credited into your bank account within 1 minute. This is powered by commercial banks and 9mobile.

3. You earn over a Million naira amazing cash commission within a short time credited into your bank account when you invite your friends to also subscribe for a Voice/Data bundle plan of their choice. No extra charges involve, No marketing of recharge cards/VTU, No limit of how much you can earn. As long as you remain our active subscriber, you keep earning. 


There are 2 options for commission payment on this Business platform. During online registration, Customers are to select which type of commission they want to be paid. Namely: One-off commission and Networking commission.


As the name implies, here you get an amazing one-off cash commission on each customer you introduced, but based only on subscribers you personally introduced to Virgin Platform International. However, no limit to the total amount you can earn as long as you keep introducing and remain our active subscriber. The commission amount here varies depending on the subscription plan the person paid for. 

Displayed below are the selected 9mobile More business bundles with 3 months upfront payment plan and commission on each plan respectively. 

N1000 for Voice only150 Mins+ 20SMS3 monthsN3500N500
N1000 for voice &Data70 Mins+ 750MB+20SMS3monthsN3500N500
N2000 for Voice only300 Mins+10SMS3 monthsN6500N1000
N2000 for Voice &Data150 Mins + 1.5GB+20SMS3 MonthsN6500N1000
N5000 for Voice &Data300 Mins + 5.0 GB+20SMS3 MonthsN15500N2500
N10,000 for Voice &Data650 Mins + 10 GB+20SMS3 MonthsN30500N5000
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Here the commission is fixed at N500 per new customer introduced irrespective of the plan he paid for, however, you keep earning N500 commission on every new customer introduce both by you and by others under your team to the 6th level, giving you a total commission of N546,000. Under ‘Networking Commission’, you are to refer 3 new customers, they will in the same way, introduce their 3 new customers each, their customers will also do same and that continues, while you keep getting rewarded with N500 on every customer introduced by others under your team. This pattern works with a SPILL OVER effect. You may not introduce anybody but still earn commission as a result of the system automatic placement from those above you who have introduced more than 3 new members. 

All commissions are instantly credited in your Virgin Platform e-wallet account where you transfer it into your bank account or use it to buy 9mobile airtime. 


As an intending customer, you shall first register online by visiting using 100054 as your Referral ID, then select a type of commission you want to be receiving and the 9mobile more business bundle plan you want to subscribe for, after filling the registration form, you then summit. The system generates a customer ID number for you. (Note that your Customer ID is both your USER NAME for login and your Referral ID for tracking the new customers you may introduce to the platform.) 


(Use 100054 Referral id to Open Account)


(Use 100064 Referral id to Open Account)

After registration, Using that your Customer ID, you proceed to login to do an online payment to Virgin Platform International for your selected bundle subscription fee, when you successfully login, click on “PAY PRODUCT FEE” to do your payment by using either 

1. ATM Card (Verve Card, Visa Card and Master Card) 
2. Direct account debit. 
3. USSD payment method. Follow the system instruction to complete your payment. 

All payments are done online unless where a customer insist on cash transfer/credit into the Company’s bank account. In such a case, the customer gets in touch with us, he is given the company’s bank account number with immediate follow up and once evidence of payment is gotten, his/her Virgin platform account and SIM card activation is done with few confidential information about his registration profile required. 

All Subscription plans are valid for 3 months, (Where a customer insist on monthly payment, such customers account get activated only at the end of the 3rd month consecutive subscription, without skipping any month in between) your line is activated with 3 months upfront services. 

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The system keeps auto-renewing your services at the end of every 30 days with the same monthly service for 3 months consecutively, any unused data within a month is roll-over to the next month. 

After 3 months, you continue recharging by yourself with the monthly subscription amount of your bundle while your line auto-renews your service. Payment for new Subscription is only at the end of 3 months; however, you can choose to do more recharges from your pocket or use your e-wallet commission to do more recharges if you exhaust the monthly value before 30 days. Monthly service renewal takes place only at the end of every 30 days. 

After payment, you call or come to our office or you are contacted on phone by Virgin Platform International Customer Care unit for a Mobile Number Portability (MNP) or SIM card registration as your preference may be or to send a representative in case of an SME/Corporate organization. Or arrange for a best way your SIM card can be delivered to you. 

Once payment is done, an activated Voucher code is sent to your email box and displayed on your dash board. The code is your PIN for password recovery; therefore it MUST be kept secret. 

It is interesting to note that, once registered, you are eligible to introduce others using your customer ID number. If for any reason, you cannot pay immediately, but the customer you introduced pays before you, you will still receive your commission which shall keep cumulating but will not be withdraw able until you too finally pay for a product plan. After payment, all the cumulated commission drops for you to withdraw. 
Note: A one hundred naira (100) transfer charge applies on any amount being transferred by a customer to his bank at a time. Also, multiple accounts using the same details are allowed. The system recognizes every customer ID as a different customer. 

As partners to 9mobile Nigeria, we are paid incentives for new subscription activation, and Virgin platform International therefore shares this incentives with her customers for introducing more new customers. Our source of Income is Commission based. Only the products are 9mobile’s products, commission to our customers is the sole responsibility of Virgin Platform International. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know that this is not a scam and Virgin platform international is into legitimate business?

Virgin Platform International is a legally registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission, (CAC): RC 1414172, Licensed by Nigerian Communication Commission, (NCC): CL/S&I/095/18, have Strategic partnership with 9mobile Nigeria: SP0000460. Have offices as displayed. The online service, VP e-Business, is trade marked by Federal ministry of trade and investment. Have Tax Identification number, (TIN), Obtained EFCC SCUML, have accounts with Commercial banks. Etc

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What if after paying for 3 months, Virgin platform International disappears with my money? 

The Telecommunication service you pay for is installed upfront on your line from the day you port your line or collect your SIM card, we do not keep your money. 9mobile Nigeria renews and gives you the monthly value you subscribe for. Virgin platform International only offers you a share of its commission from 9Mobile for helping them promote their business.

Must I introduce people?

NO! If you do not want to earn commission by referring people, you can only subscribe to the telecom product plan of your choice, however, you may still enjoy commission by system auto placement from other customer’s’ extra referrals if you are on Continuous Earning commission

On ONE-OFF COMMISSION, how much is the highest total amount I can earn?

There is no limit on how much you can earn on One-Off Commission pattern, as long as you keep introducing customers to us and keep renewing your subscription on your line, you keep earning.

If I choose, Networking commission, How long will it take for me to earn up to N546,000?

It depends totally on you and your team work. It could happen in a month and it could happen in 3 months or more. The more inflow of new customers, the faster every member finishes his circle but commission stops when you have earned up to either N546,000.

Can I use my existing 9Mobile line? 

Yes you can use existing 9Mobile Line, but we can also PORT any of your existing line from other networks to 9Mobile network while retaining your original phone number and activate any plan of your choice on it for you.

Can I start payment with just 1 month subscription for any of these bundles?

Yes you can, but is cheaper if you do the 3 Month bundle pack, which give you rest of mind and more bonuse, however, to be eligible to withdraw your commission, you MUST consistently renew your subscription plan for 3 months without skipping. At the end of the 3rd month, your account is activated giving you access to withdraw any amount accrued in your e-wallet account.

Who pays my commission?

Virgin Platform international is solely responsible for your commission payment. 9mobile has no business with payment of your commission.

For Further Enquries and Free Guide on how to Earn Commission and Subscribe, kindly Chat Privately via Whatsapp: 0816650826907062940253  or


If you are in Abuja, you can also Join our weekly seminar if you are in Abuja @ Suite 1 & 2 Rock of Ages Mall Utako, Opposite Jabi Motor Park, Abuja

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