Faster Recovery and Healing in Sickle Cell Disease Using Double Stem Cell

Sickle cell disease is an inherited condition caused by several mutations in the ß-globin gene.

These mutations cause the sixth amino acid to be changed from glutamic acid to valine.

The resultant hemoglobin (called HbS) has abnormal physiochemical properties, and is prone to polymerization with other hemoglobin molecules under conditions of low oxygen tension. This has a number of adverse affects on red blood cells.

The normally freely flowing cytosol of red cells become viscous (thicker) making the red cell much less deformable and impairing its ability to traverse tight capillary blood vessels.

As HbS continues to polymerize the entire RBC is deformed giving the characteristic *sickle shape*.
Sickle cell disease causes red blood cells to become crescent-shaped, like a sickle. The distorted cells can’t sufficiently deliver oxygen to the body. The result is excruciating pain attacks, organ failure and death.
Other symptoms include recurrent anemia, jaundice,  enlarged spleen,  vaso-occlusive crises
There is no widely available cure for sickle cell disease. Some children with the disease have been successfully treated with blood stem cell, or bone marrow, transplants
However there have been recent testimonials of successful treatment of sickle cell in UI hospital in Chicago using human stemcell

Source: Chicago Doctors Use Stem Cells To Cure Sickle Cell disease

News update from National institute of health (NIH) in the year 2014 has shown that human stemcell treatment is the permanent cure for sickle cell
Thirty patients, ages 16 to 65, with severe sickle cell disease enrolled in the study between 2004 and 2013. The patients first underwent a less toxic regimen to kill off some of their marrow cells. They then underwent a stem cell transplant, receiving cells donated by a healthy brother or sister.
The team found that the stem cell transplant reversed the disease in 26 of 30 patients (87%). The patients had normal hemoglobin, fewer hospitalizations, and lower use of narcotics to treat pain from the disease. The patients didn’t experience graft-versus-host disease—in which donor cells attack the recipient—after a median follow up of 3.4 years. Fifteen patients successfully stopped immunosuppression medications a year after the transplant. The treatment was unsuccessful in 4 patients, and some complications, such as infections, occurred.

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Source: Stem cell reverses sickle cell matters

It’s worth to be noted that human stemcell were used in these cases. However human stemcell are not readily available and has much selectivity IN HLA typing,  need for immunosuppression using chemotherapy which has its own side effects too

How can double stemcell help in a sickle cell patient?

Stemcell is a cell capable of regenerating new  cells and replacing dead cells in the body. It’s not a drug or supplement. It is just stemcell.

Stem cells work by multiplying and forming new cells to replace old cells in the organ where it is located. Human stem cells are still under research  and used in just few special cases and requires  donor to recipient matching,  immunological typing etc.
However Dr Zurich from Switzerland discovered thru research that a plant stemcell from a rare specie of apple and grape in Switzerland, when incorporated into the human body,  can regenerate cells and replace old worn-out cells in the body
By increasing the stem cells in your body,  u will be able to rejuvenate the brain nerve cells
I believe that there is so much healing power that God has invested in plants, that we doctors are yet to discover.

Double stemcell discovery is just the beginning. There is much more.

I know of two cases of arthritis totally cured using double stemcell.

What we doctors do prescribe is only pain relief drugs — that is what i mean by palliative care.  How long are u going to be on drugs?
It’s better for us to be humble and learn from God’s wisdom in His creation
I have not used double stemcell  for sickle cell before,  but I think we can give it a trial. With prayers and the help of God,  it will work out.
The fact is that plant stemcell by phytoscience has been useful for me in 2 cases of arthritis,  stroke patients, from my personal experience. I have testimonials of speedy recovery in these few areas.  Though phytoscience claims the product can be used in over 134 disease conditions. I have seen the power of regeneration in it.  These stemcell are not made from humans.  It’s made from a rare specie of grape and apples in  Switzerland and was discovered by Dr Zurich in Mabelle Biochemistry Labs.

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And this was a real surprise to me. For example u know that we doctors can do little about curing arthritis.. We prescribe pain relief drugs mostly. But I have seen a woman with severe arthritis cured with high dose of double stemcell.

It was discovered that these stem cells of incorporated to humans can induce regeneration of new cells.

Now I believe that there are things in plants that we doctors are yet to know.  We just need to humble ourselves before God and learn from nature.

U can give it a trial of faith in your child. Who knows,  it may work. Will  keep u up to date of I have any testimonials on sickle cell cure using this product.

*Faith begins with a leap*

Just pray and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Things we do not know,  we trust God to lead us and see us true

Thanks once more.
Unlike human stem cell, with plant stem cell, you do not need a DNA match . That is what makes it to aid in faster recovery in many disease conditions




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