How to Earn 45% Interest in 30days in VTU Business

How to Earn 45% Interest in 30days in VTU Business

Is it really possible to earn 45% interest in pure profits just selling airtime? 
Absolutely yes. This is because people consume airtime as much as they consume water today.
If you are still reading this page then it is certain that you are also using airtime (converted to data-MB/GB).

About Virtual TopUp – VTU

The popular way of loading a phone with airtime or credit is by buying a recharge card or voucher and then loading it on your phone with a USSD code. e.g *555*XXXXXX# for MTN subscribers. The other way is the digital method called Virtual Top Up (VTU). With VTU, the phone will be directly credited by the vendor and there will be no need for scratching a card or loading with USSD. The buyer will just receive an alert that his phone has been topped up. The buyer also receives the benefits based on the tariff e.g. MTN gives customers on MTN Pulse free 10 MB of data every week for a recharge of N100. 
Virtual Top Up therefore is a digital way of selling airtime credit automatically.

All bank now Sell Airtime through VTU

All banks in Nigeria have become VTU vendors by selling airtime via VTU on all their channels and they are seriously advertising this business. Infact, some banks have deployed USSD to sell airtime. So, if this business is not PROFITABLE then why will the banks INVEST so much into it? It proves that there is money in this LEGITIMATE AIRTIME BUSINESS! 
But wait a minute,

Why are the Banks not Selling Airtime through Recharge Cards?
Recharge card printing has LIMITATIONS!
– Printing is not cost effective. You need to buy software, paper, fill your ink then maintain your computer and printer.
– Printing is in denominations (100, 200 etc) in which you cannot even print all denominations but VTU allows you to dispense almost any amount even odd values!
– VTU allows you to serve your customers with what they need and not what you have (printed). What if you have printed 10pcs of MTN 100 (N970) and you are have a client willing to buy GLO N1,000?

So, if you want to make money like the banks then you need to focus on what really works, VTU BUSINESS WORKS!

Virtual Top Up is not LIMITED to airtime recharge alone but has also been extended to other services such as bill payments e.g. DStv/GOtv, Startimes recharge etc

How to Earn 45% Interest in 30 days

As a VTU Reseller on VILLY NETWORK, you get at least 3% DISCOUNT on your airtime purchase.
So, let’s say you only sell just a VTU per in two day, this means you get 3% in 2 days (how can a vendor sell one airtime daily? this is really a worst case! Airtime recharge is bought daily).

So, using even the worst case above, you get 3% X 15 days = 45% in 30days!
Which other LEGITIMATE business in Nigeria can bring such high Return Over Investment (ROI) of 45% interest in 30 days WITHOUT RISK?
See table below for illustration as a VTU Reseller

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There are other VTU vendor offers that gives as high as 5% discount which is an opportunity to raise your capital/investment to over 90% interest in 30 days. This is determined by your capital!

Interested in launching your VTU Business and want to know more? Click here now

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