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Learn how to export Cassava, Snail, Garlic, Ginger, Charcoal & over 50 More Agro Produce

N450,000 – N750,000 MONTHLY IN

Are you looking for an easy way out to the economic melt down and unemployment in the country? Are you tied of being paid same salary Monthly without solving your financial problems, Are you self employed, Graduates, SME,s, Business Owners looking for a very easy Partime business you can do from home without investing so much and earn averagelly N450,000 – N750,000 Consistent and sustainanble Monthly Income

The Agro Export Package will help you startup a Mini Agro  export Business from home with very low capital and earn N450,000 – N750,000 Monthly, the packages includes:


  1. How to Startup Agro Business with zero or low capital
  2. How to Raise Capital to startup Agro Export
  3. List of various Agro Produce you can export with ready buyers
  4. How to get various Agro Produce in Large quantity at very low cost
  5. List of Contacts of Direct Buyers of Agro Products in Abroad
  6. How to Process  Agro Produce from Home
  7. How to get direct buyers of all your agro produce consistently
  8. How to Package your Agro Products
  9. How to receive your Payment
  10. Business Opportunities in Agro Export Business
  11. Agro Exporters Business Network
  12. Other Exportation Opportunities

How much can i earn Monthly in Agro Exportation Business

As a Agro Produce Exporter starting as a Small Starter your expected Monthly Turnover should be ranging between
N450,000 – N550,000 Depends on the volumes of Agro Produce you are able to export Monthly, you can earn as much as  N750,000 if your Agro Produce volume increase, this is why you need to get lots of Agro Farmers Supply Chain for high volume  exportation

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We are offering a 70% Price slash Promo Offer on our Agro Export Business Package, which will end at the end of today

Hurry Now!!  as we have limited Packages available to download before the end of today, only reserved for first 1000 Agro Exporters and we already sold 565 Copies





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