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Earn Free Money with Coin Collector AutoClicker Bot

Cryptocurreny Coin faucets are sites on the Internet, transferring Coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc on the purse specified by the visitor for free (sort of). Owners of such services share with users small part of the profit they receive from advertisers for traffic generated by users who are attracted by the opportunity to receive their first cryptocurrency for free.


What income can you get with Cryptocurrency Coin Collector Bots?

Earnings on Coil Collector Bots depend on the reward’s size (usually pretty small), assiduity and carefulness of the user, the ability to attract partners for referral programs. Empirical studies indicate a benchmark of average earnings at $ 500-1500 per month, the maximum is around $ 1,700.  To achieve this result one will need long training, carefully planned day, a lot of free time, and no ideas to spend this time otherways.

For these reasons, the user who has discovered this kind of income chooses one of two ways:

  • forever “forget” about free Bitcoin, due to disappointment in the ratio: costs/earnings;
  • try to automate the process using a bot.

How much can i earn with the Cryptocurrency Coin Collector Bot?

Your earning depends on how many hours you put into Collecting Coins online, you can earn as much as $15 – $50 daily depends on the number of Coins you generated via the Bots


Order CoinCollector is a
multi-Faucet AutoClicker
Bot to earn Free Money Daily


If you are having trouble finding faucets that are supported or have a list of faucets that you personally use that are not supported then you may be interested in Coin Collector Faucet Auto Clicker Bot which can be used to create automation scripts to use in CoinCollector.

Coin Collector Faucet Auto Clicker Bot  s an automation script creator that requires no coding skills and can be used to automate almost any type of faucet AND other sites/web pages.



[ Crypto Currencies ]
CoinCollector  will auto collect Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Litecoin, Dashcoin at UNLIMITED *compatible* faucet sites.

[ 4 Built in Scrapers ]
It comes included with an ePay Scraper, iFaucet Scraper, Google Scraper, BCRotator Scraper.

Task Scheduler ]
The NEW Task Scheduler has been simplified so you can now Run CoinCollector at scheduled intervals with ease.

Built in OCR ]
And of course last but by no means least CoinCollector  now also comes with a built in OCR to help save on captcha costs, ..
but not only that !!
You can Enable the built in OCR and either Manual or a Captcha Service, this basically means you can set the Manual window or your favourite captcha service as backup if the OCR fails to solve the captcha.


See more features

  • 4 Faucet scrapers (Not All Scraped Faucets Will Work)
  • Built in OCR (For TEXT captchas only)
  • Custom faucet section
  • Scheduler
  • Captcha server stats
  • Latest faucet list checker
  • User set Max Wait time
  • Public and Private proxy Support
  • HMA VPN Support
  • Enable/Disable CPU Monitor
  • New options menu
  • 9KW support
  • Auto login (If site requires)
  • UNLIMITED “compatible” Faucets
  • New design
  • CPU/Net etc usage stats
  • Balance check section
  • Audio On/Off (Bots audio ONLY)
  • Thread Control (1-18)
  • Run ALL sections from 1 screen
  • Total claimed during session (reset on next bot load)
  • New Settings panel
  • 2Captcha implemented
  • Manual Captcha WITH Refresh (Only works with 1 thread *Beta)
  • Save settings for next bot load
  • Re-coded a ton of the bot
  • Bot now lightweight to save memory usage
  • Added longer timeouts
  • Auto refresh bot memory every 10 mins
  • Save login details via “Settings” menu
  • Retry if failed login
  • Use captcha services for fully auto OR manual




Now Includes ACB-OCR
Save on Captcha Cost !

Get CoinCollector AutoClicker NOW !

Get your copy now and start earning some free cash


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